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Expert Air Conditioning Repair and Maintenance

You’ll feel devastated when your AC breaks down in the middle of summer, leaving your space in a boiling hot and humid state. Fortunately, JDR Air Conditioning & Heating offers the best air conditioning repair in Texas, TX to bring back the comfortable temperature in your house or office during the hot season.

The ideal time for your air conditioning maintenance in Texas, TX is during the spring season, which is the season before you’ll need the full-time operation of your air conditioning system. Repairing and maintaining your air conditioning unit is very important because we know that summers in Texas can be downright brutal at times.

Thus, if you need to avail of these services, contact JDR Air Conditioning & Heating at (210)-330-8567. You can also send us an email at or simply fill out the form provided below. We will gladly accommodate you if you decide to personally visit us at our office at 6811 S Flores St., San Antonio, TX 78221.

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